Reason #14 to Adopt a Shelter Dog: They Heal You

Dogs have long held a special place in our lives. Whether companions or working partners, dogs have a way of healing us. Anyone who has ever loved a dog will tell you so.

If that’s not convincing enough, there are countless studies chronicling the ways in which dogs mend us. They improve our health. Some can even alert us to imminent threats.

Former shelter dog Maggie

One of my favorite shelter dogs used to lick the tears off my face. I remember slouching down by the couch on a rough day. As soon as I hit the floor, Maggie nuzzled my face and started licking my cheeks. I couldn’t help but feel lighter.

More and more shelter dogs are being hired as service dogs. Many more have the potential to become emotional support dogs. Regardless of their official titles, shelter dogs have the power to heal your wounds.

Shelter pup licking my tears