Reason #15 to Adopt a Shelter Dog: Access to Resources

One of the benefits of adopting a shelter dog is that they typically come with a whole bunch of resources you never knew you needed. Whether you’re an experienced pet parent or this is your first rodeo, we could all use a little extra help with pawrenting. After all, transitioning a new dog into one’s current lifestyle is always a little different than the last time.


Most shelter dog adoptions include access to resources like veterinary care, training, or just basic pawrenting education. When I adopted Hope, I got to trial complimentary pet insurance. My last dog Lucy was given a free first veterinary exam after adoption. Even though I went to a clinic out of the area that partners with that particular shelter, my vet still honored the discount.

Most folks want less animals euthanized in shelters. Likewise, the majority of people think adopting a shelter dog is a good thing. That’s why it is no surprise that random strangers can be so generous to former shelter dogs. Like the local pet supply store that has given me free first baths for my foster shelter dogs.


Shelter dogs have gained so much support in our communities. By adopting one, you’ll benefit from the generosity of those around you who help end animal homelessness.