Happy Barktober: Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

It’s Barktober! More importantly, it’s National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. To celebrate, we are recapping our Dogust & Puptember series promoting shelter dog adoption.

Looking for a reason to adopt a shelter dog? We’re giving you one reason for every day of this glorious month. And then some. So, take your pick of the litter, and then bark all about it in the comments!

#33 Shelter dog breath is better than puppy breath

#32 Shelter dogs snuggle better

#31 Everybody loves a comeback kid

#30 Shelter dogs will work for veggies

#29 Mutts are the new black

#28 You can adopt a purebred or a puppy

#27 Shelter dogs often know basic obedience

#26 Adoption will end pet homelessness

#25 Every adoption saves at least TWO dogs

#24 Pawrenting is good for your health

#23 Shelter dogs are satisfied with the little things in life

#22 Adoption saves you $$

#21 Shelter dogs know they’ve been saved

#20 You get perks when you adopt an adult or senior dog

#19 You bring home a dog that has received good care

#18 Shelter dogs are one of a kind

#17 Shelter Dog Mom’s get the best SWAG

#16 Shelter dogs have known personalities, whereas pet store puppies do not

#15 Adoption gives you access to resources

#14 Shelter dogs heal you

#13 Shelter dogs need you

#12 Lifetime excuse for selfies

#11 You’ll be Insta-FAMOUS

#10 You get bragging rights

#9 Shelter dogs have hybrid vigor

#8 Recycling is good for the planet

#7 Shelter dogs become Honorary Ambassadors to end pet homelessness

#6 Adoption helps end the Cruelty in Puppy Mills

#5 Ain’t NO Love Like Shelter Dog Love

#4 Shelter dogs come with Fairy Godmothers

#3 Shelter dogs give you unconditional love

#2 They’re weird, you’re weird

#1 Adopting a shelter dog turns you into a real life superhero

What are you waiting for?? Opt to adopt from your local shelter TODAY!

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