Reason #5 to Adopt a Shelter Dog: Ain’t No Love like Shelter Dog Love

Have you ever had your heart broken? I think that’s how shelter dogs feel when they lose the life they used to have. The difference being that you can’t reason with a dog and explain to them it’s not their fault. It’s so hard to watch an innocent animal suffer heartache.

That is what makes adoption so special. It’s the opportunity to put the shattered pieces of a life back together again. It’s one thing to earn someone’s trust. It’s quite another to earn the trust of someone who has reason to never trust again.

Even the dogs who had perfectly decent lives before they arrived in a shelter can look terrified. Shelter settings really do not bring out the best in dogs. A shelter is unpredictable, scary and deficient when compared to our idea of a good home. Even the best shelters fall short of fulfilling all of a dog’s needs.

That is why it’s not uncommon to meet shelter dogs who are wary of you. I always consider it a privilege when they start to come around. Some dogs are so scared that they completely shut down. Bringing those dogs back to life is nothing short of inspiring.

I have met more shelter dogs than I have ever been able to bring home. Yet my shelter dog loves were some of my greatest love stories. Shelter dogs have healed me. They’ve given me hope. They’ve raised me. They are some of the most memorable characters in the storybook of my life.

If you’re looking for the kind of love that awakens your soul, ADOPT and write your own shelter dog love story.

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