Hurricane Florence: Dog Momma Storm Prep

A storm is brewing. Hurricane Florence is set to impact several states in the coming days. Here are some of the ways we have been preparing:

Assemble a disaster kit

Our family disaster kit includes essential human and dog supplies. We actually keep some of these disaster kit supplies on hand at all times. A few years back, we started keeping gallons of drinking water in storage. The hubs also bought us a dehydrated meal kit, in case of emergencies. About once a year I print updated photos of us in color. Just in case we ever need paper copies. Stashing supplies ahead of time makes disaster prep less stressful.


Follow the news and weather

I actively avoid watching the news. There always seems to be far more dread and doom than I can stomach on a regular basis. I’d much rather browse my Instagram feed for updates from my favorite dogs. In times of pending disaster, I make an exception. After all, we would want to be the first to know if we were ever ordered to evacuate.

Business as usual

As a dog mom, my fur-girl’s emotional well-being is a priority. That’s why I try to keep everything as normal as possible, even during disaster prep. An abrupt change or lots of little changes to our daily routine could lead to behavior changes in my dog. Problems – like a break in housetraining or destructiveness – are the last thing any dog parent wants to deal with when anticipating a storm. Keeping our routine normal helps our dog cope with storm prep.

Facebook/Dimitri the Shar Pei

Remember to self care

All the talk of disaster this week has kicked my anxiety up a notch. If I start to freak out, my dog will feed off my anxious vibes. To help keep us all calm, we have been investing in self care. Spending time with my dog has helped lower my blood pressure. Tonight, we bonded with a clicker while learning a new trick. She also made the hubs crack up over a game of fetch with obstacles. For my dog, it’s just another normal day with the pawrents.


How is your storm prep going? We hope you and your dogs stay safe!

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