Reason #9 to Adopt a Shelter Dog: Hybrid Vigor

According to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, you get more for your money when you adopt a mixed breed. Why, you ask? Because of “hybrid vigor.”

It’s no secret that I adore mixed breed dogs. I have had purebreds in my family and have also worked with them as a trainer. But when folks ask me what my favorite breed of dog is, I smile wide… Mutts! They’re my favorite breed. Even better if they’re former shelter dogs.

One common held belief is that “a mixed-breed animal is likely to live longer and cost less in vet bills than a pure breed.” As a lover of mixed breed dogs, and someone who sees thousands of them in shelters every year, I’m inclined to nod in agreement. Even if I’m just being hopeful.

Jokes aside, hybrid vigor is really a thing. By adopting a shelter dog, you’ll get the benefit of the improved function of your dog’s biological qualities. Let’s call that a win!


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