Reason #10 to Adopt a Shelter Dog: Bragging Rights!

I agree with the Humane Society of the United States in counting “bragging rights” as a perk of adopting a shelter dog. These days having a “rescue” dog is very trendy. Adoption gives you instant hero status.

In reading up on this topic, I found a few articles implying that adopting a dog is not for everyone. The authors went on to warn about outrageous medical bills and bizarre behavior problems. While there are some dogs with exceptionally complicated needs out there, these are not the norm. Most shelter dogs are simply good dogs in need of good humoms and dads.

I will say, acquiring a dog isn’t for everybody. Some folks would be better off adopting a fish. Or a stuffed animal. But for those humans out there who don’t mind fur in their food, poop in their trash cans and the ocasional shredding of expensive belongings, adoption is a very good option.

After all, a shelter dog is just a dog that was failed, despite best efforts, by a human. Adopting a shelter dog, gives you the chance to step in where someone else stepped out. You essentially save a life! I think that earns all adopters a little bit of superhero status. What do you think?


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