Reason #18 to Adopt a Shelter Dog: They are one of a kind

We previously shared that the overwhelming majority of dogs in shelters are mixed breeds. Thanks to Animal Farm Foundation, we now know that:

  • Breed identification based on looks is no better than flipping a coin
  • You cannot correctly identify a dog’s genetic makeup based on looks
  • Purebreds dogs share a closed gene pool
  • Mixed breed dogs enjoy varied gene pools
  • Once a dog is less than 100% of a single breed, they have genetic variations that make them DISTINCT from that breed
  • Once a dog is a mixed breed, they are not a member of ANY breed
  • Each mixed breed dog, even ones from the same litter have a DIFFERENT genome

What does that mean? It means that while all dogs are individuals, your mixed breed shelter dog is truly one of a kind! You can bet that what their puppy momma and papa gave them is a unique map of genes unlike any other. You can run your DNA tests, but you’ll have a hard time finding another dog quite like this one.

In other words, each shelter dog is literally the one only of her kind. There has never been and never will be another like him or her. I don’t know about you, but I love that.

If you’re into one-of-kind pieces, adopt a shelter dog!

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