Reason #20 to Adopt a Shelter Dog: They come in adult and senior sizes

Adult dogs are exactly who they are going to be when they grow up. With a puppy, there is a lot of effort that goes into socializing them well. It is a waiting game to see who my dog will be when they reach that 2-3 year mark. Adult dogs are there. No waiting, no guessing. This is who they are, take it or leave it.

Adult dogs are way easier to transition into a home than a puppy. For me, it’s the fact that the puppy is always growing and changing that is a challenge. With an adult, the transition is quicker and less messy. Need some examples?


Puppies have two modes: comatose and turbo-charged. They are either super on or super off. With my dog Hope, that was fun for a little while. But it stopped being fun after an exhausting day at work or during an all nighter of studying. Adult dogs stay within more normal limits. They tire after reasonable amounts of physical and mental exercise. Leaving my sanity in tact.

Adult dogs also won’t ravage your belongings in the same way a puppy will. Yes, all dogs chew and should be given ample opportunities to exercise their jaws. A puppy, however, can sometimes seem part-termite, part-razor-blade. Until you teach him otherwise, everything is fair game for chewing to a puppy. Whereas, when I brought an adult dog home, it was as simple as showing her the toy bin. “This is yours. Got it?”


Adult dogs are also less inclined to use your favorite rug – or worse, your bed – as a toilet. That is not to say they won’t have accidents! But any adult dog I’ve brought home was quick to pick up on the schedule of bathroom breaks. They politely held it in between breaks or stood by the door to ask for one. Puppies, especially young ones, have yet to develop their substrate preference. And given the opportunity – or should I say, lack of instruction – will poop on your Persian and not think twice about it. Nobody wants that.

If you are like me, you prefer things in their place and for things go as planned. Some call it rigid. I call it ordered and predictable. The definition of peaceful. When you run a similarly tight ship, a puppy can seem like an inconvenience. Or leave you wondering if they are part Tyrannosaurus Rex.


While you need to be willing to flex if you are going to adopt any dog, adult dogs will not turn your world upside down. It has been my experience that they cause less oh sh*t! moments than terrorists – I mean, puppies do.

Don’t get me wrong, I love puppies! I just know that not everyone has the time or patience for one. Adult dogs simply transition more easily into your home life than puppies do. Adopting an adult dog also comes with the added bonus of knowing you adopted one that was most in need.

What are some of your angelic adult or puppy terror moments? Share in the comments below.

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