Reason #26 to Adopt a Shelter Dog: You help end pet homelessness

Yes, pet homelessness is a real issue. Across the globe there are countless companion animals without pawrents. Many end up finding good homes, while many do not.

Although the plight of shelter animals has greatly improved in recent years, there are still too many animals for whom the shelter is the final stop. There are no U.S. communities wherein ZERO animals are killed in shelters. Despite our best efforts, we still have a ways to go to end pet homelessness.

In an effort to keep this series on Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog lighthearted, we will keep this post brief. We could talk about the numbers of dogs dying in shelters every day, but we won’t.

I am someone who knows these dogs by name. Numbers alone don’t cut it for me. Behind each number is a living, breathing dog with a personality that would light up your world. But every day we are still losing too many dogs that we love.

Pet homelessness is a problem that is painful to talk about. It is a problem that is 100% man-made. We know what happens when a dog is not saved. We wish we could save them all. But that will not happen unless more folks opt to adopt.

So, let’s just leave it at that. One very good reason to adopt: because every shelter dog should have a home.

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