Dogust 1st: The Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs

It’s Dogust! August is my favorite month of the year. It’s when I celebrate my birthday. All month long. Who said birthdays have to be limited to just one day, am I right?

As a child, my birthday always felt like an afterthought. Being the first of the month meant adults got no advance notice. This was back when paper month-by-month wall calendars were still a thing. No one ever knew what was happening in a given month until the page was turned. And we only turned the page on the first of the month.

Naturally, to make up for my afterthought birthdays, I began extending my birthday. That started sometime in my twenties and now that I’m in my thirties, I’ve reserved the entire month. Just for me. #sorrynotsorry

Kidding, August isn’t just about me. I recently discovered that August 1st also happens to be The Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs! See, I always knew mine was a special day.

To celebrate, we are dedicating this Dogust to the shelter dogs, too! ALL THE SHELTER DOGS! All month long we will be sharing the Top Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog. With each post, we will also be sharing a story of a former or current shelter dog. I couldn’t ask for a better birthday month.

Please join us in celebrating! Subscribe and follow us on Instagram at @confessionsofadogmom

Happy Dogust to you!


Meet the pup in the photo: former Shelter Dog Hoot

Hoot landed in the shelter, like most dogs, through no fault of his own. Young, playful, and happy. It wasn’t long before one lucky family snatched him up. I count myself lucky, too, because Hoot and I got to hit local trails together before he left. The trails we found are some of the same ones I go back to today. When I didn’t have any new friends yet in Charlotte, this shelter dog kept me company. Thanks for your fur-riendship, Hoot! #adoptdontshop

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